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Shenzhen Huiteli Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. It is an application-oriented technology enterprise specializing in providing mobile e-commerce services. The company has an independent e-commerce platform and provides small and medium-sized enterprises:

  • Speed ​​website construction and maintenance
  • WeChat public platform development
  • Member System/Mall System Development
  • Customized development of ERP/CRM systems
  • Mini programs, small games and various web application custom development

The company has experienced architecture engineers, and has the ability to put your creative projects on line at low cost and high speed. Focusing on the underlying native language research, you can customize complex logic according to your business needs.

Pursuing the ultimate lightweight and pure purification of software engineering, we are good at summarizing the common needs of users into platform development, and gradually realize SAAS and PAAS of functional services.

We are more focused on the function realization of back-end big data. We sincerely invite business consultation, brand planning, advertising design and other front-end service providers to cooperate for a long time.



Location Services follows physical user habits,
Take the location near "Location" as the main line,
Gan Dang entity on the cloud starting point station.

HuiZhi Local

Classification information platform based
on entity location
Focus on the business circle
Free customer and schedule management

For the O2O entity on the cloud second stop,
Main online booking, queuing sign-in
Suitable for service industries such as catering, education, medical beauty, etc.

TOUCH Chamberlain

Internet + Entity + Location
Remote queuing reservation,
online call service
Waiter responsibility system
to improve service quality

Online Business provides online payment, online sales, etc. without threshold
Support platform for marketing activities,
Help small and micro businesses to achieve e-commerce

Leecheng Widget

Network Marketing Components
Feature-rich, URL connection
Free to use, create a closed loop

Shaping Brand Brand Portal for Independent Domain Names,
Shaping the brand image,
Seamless connection manufacturer-agent-user

Web Buildding

10 minutes online independent website
SMEs for standardized information
Data-driven, brand upgrade



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